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International and domestic freight forwarding


PERITUS - reliable logistic solutions for your benefit just in time

Peritus was founded in 2007 on the principles of responsible business, the highest safety standards, and trustworthy logistics services closely tailored to the individual needs and preferences of our customers.

We are one of the leading providers of transport services for production companies from various industries. Our dedicated shipping logistics team interacts closely with our customers to identify different transportation needs and to provide tailor-made shipping logistics solutions.

Our project team consists of highly dedicated industry experts within the commodities; Automotive, Aluminium, Steel, Paper & Forest products, Construction, Material and Project Cargo.

We care about comprehensive service for our clients, which is why we are constantly looking for innovative logistic solutions and developing our network of warehouses where we have the possibility of long-term storage of goods. The distinguishing feature of our service is to be a flexible and individual approach to the client while maintaining the highest quality of services and minimizing costs. Our know-how has earned us the trust of our business partners and a stable position on the TSL market.


Certified company you can trust

PERITUS has the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate. A process approach and the imposition of a standard on the activities performed is necessary to provide the best customer service. The processes operating in the company are constantly monitored and, if necessary, improved.

We offer professional transport and forwarding services

Peritus has a dedicated car transport section which will help you get your goods where it needs to be. Regardless of how your precious cargo is being transferred, we will be there every step of the way. Every detail will be taken care of to ensure a stress-free delivery.

We offer our clients international and domestic road transport based on a modern fleet of our own vehicles. Moreover, to increase flexibility and potential, we have the option of deliveries using our regular carriers.

  • Modern SCANIA tractor units (Euro 6)
  • Schmitz Cargobull semi-trailers (curtain sider, anti-slip floor)


Full truckload transport in the just-in-time system

Express transport

Aluminium scrap transport

Cost optimization and supply chain processes

Transportation of liquid fuels

Contract logistics

Logistic solutions for Automotive

The multi complex structures and supply chain of the automotive industry is challenging, and requires expertise in the design of supply chain management, process planning and operations efficiency. The delivery process of various components must be carefully coordinated and planned to deliver the best.

Our experts work with our clients to provide tailor-made solutions to meet any specific needs and requirements. Peritus offers Europe-wide, entire supply chain solutions including inbound procurement, and service parts distribution.

Logistic solutions for Aluminium transportation

A number of companies placed their trust in our aluminium expertise. The transport of aluminium demands a lot of attention to ensure the sensitive surface is not damaged during transport. Special container-trailers allow us to transport the aluminium components and row billets. We ensure that products reach their destination just in time and on schedule.We transport lightweight and bulky aluminium scrap to its recycling point just as reliably as heavy and compact material waste. Whether material procurement, production logistics, distribution, transport or waste management – we work hand in hand with our clients to deliver the best outcome possible. This specialist transport of aluminum and aluminum scrap requires specialist equipment. In 2020, the PERITUS company purchased the modern sets of hook tractors and containers for aluminum transport.

Customs clearance services

Global trade compliance comes with time-consuming processes – documentation procedures, multiple vendors to oversee, multiple trade regulations to track. In a competitive marketplace, you can’t afford to lose time and money slowed by compliance hurdles – especially when it comes to customs clearance.

We provide comprehensive customs clearance services. We work with customs agencies in Turkey, Spain, Germany, France and many more. We also use the services of our broker.

We monitor the status of the declaration (EX1), current transactions (T2, T1, TIR carnets), and we also obtain relevant documents confirming the customs status of the goods, the origin of the product and its value (ATR certificates, certificates of origin, invoices).

In addition to the transport of neutral goods, we provide transport services for waste (with appropriate ANNEX7 documents), food (with border sanitary control and CED certification), ADR hazardous materials, as well as goods intended for the so-called Third Countries (with a permit).

Highly specialized staff allows us to provide customer service at the highest level. Peritus can customize transportation services to ensure your shipments reach their destination quickly, smoothly and as planned. Our experts can help speed your product to market, keep shipping costs in check and remove any obstacles.


Poland - Spain / Spain - Poland

Poland - Germany / Germany - Poland

Poland - Czech Republic / Czech Republic - Poland

Germany - France / France - Germany

Poland - Turkey / Turkey - Poland

Poland - Romania / Romania - Poland

Trusted us:

  • ZF Automotive (direct service for Polish and foreign plants)
  • Hydro Aluminum (domestic and foreign service)
  • Voss Automotive Poland

Car service

Health and Safety legislation requires that all vehicles used for work are maintained in good condition and are safe to use and fit for purpose. All vehicles are subject to wear and tear and unless maintained at regular intervals, this wear and tear will eventually result in unsafe vehicles and vehicle breakdowns. And we know the safety of your vehicles is crucial for your business. We provide professional car service including repairs and periodic overviews of passenger cars, vans, trucks, trailers and semi-trailers. Overviews and repairs are carried out professionally with due diligence and high quality of services.

Our team of mechanics have at their disposal a modern workshop and high-class equipment. Our car services guarantee the reliability and safety of serviced delivery vehicles, lorries, trailers and semi-trailers.

We offer professional diagnostics and service of trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, among others including:

  • repair of the braking and pneumatic systems
  • engine overhauls
  • gearbox
  • suspension repairs
  • oil changes
  • and many more services, additionally providing a mobile service.

and many more, additionally providing a mobile service.

Truck wash

We realize time is valuable to you.  Every minute counts and when you’re not on the road, it’s costing you time and money. We know your image is crucial to your success. Your tractor and trailer are a reflection of your company. That’s why in 2016 we introduced our truck wash services.

PERITUS offers comprehensive washing of delivery vehicles, trucks and buses.

Our car wash is equipped with a modern CECATO automatic washing gate system.

Our headquarters


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